The goal of this Wiki is to provide a mature, formal setting for clans that take their role in the Runescape community very seriously. As such, we impose certain rules for this Wiki in order to maintain that.

Vandalism Edit

Vandalism includes, but is not limited to, removing a page's content, falsifying information on a page, changing the page content to profanity/nonsensible content. Clans are a very passionate topic for many people, so we take a very serious stance on vandalism of pages. If we believe the person responsible for the vandalism had malicious intentions, we will administer an immediate block against their I.P. Address and/or Wikia account. Examples of vandalism:

  • Deleting content from a page.
  • Changing a page's content to profanity/gibberish/nonsensible
  • Falsifying information about a clan
  • Adding profanity of any kind to a page (Please censor it appropriately if needed as a quote)

Flame Wars/Editing Wars Edit

A Flame or Editing War is when two or more people keep editing the same page over a disagreement on the content in the page. These debates often get very heated and require administrative action in order to settle. To help curve this, and end the editing wars more quickly, clans can allow certain users with a registered account to act as their representative for the Wiki.

This means that that individual is tasked with keeping that clan's Wiki page up to date, free of vandalism and profanity, and maintained in a way that positively reflects on that clan. In the event of an "editing war," we'll usually side with that clan's representative if he/she is taking part in the editing conflict, or alert him/her to the issue if they are not currently involved in it.

Please bear in mind that we do not always use information that a clan's representative provides. If they're willfully providing false information, using profanity, and/or their clan leader does not want them representing their clan, we will no longer consider them to be that clan's representative.

Inappropriate Chat/Forums Behavior Edit

As stated before, we take profanity and inappropriate behavior very seriously. Profanity of any kind is not tolerated, even if used "light-heartedly" or as a quote from something in-game. If profanity is used in a direct quote, please censor it by some means, such as using the * key.

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