Here, you'll find the answers to commonly asked questions. If this page does not answer your question, feel free to leave a response in a comment below. If your question pops up frequently enough, we'll even add it to this list!

I'm the leader of a clan and can verify this, can I be given Admin powers on this Wiki to help moderate my page?

  • No. Being granted the title of Admin provides far more powers and risks than what are needed to keep an eye on your thread. You can, of course, be marked as the representative/curator of that clan's page if you're from that clan, and thus your word (provided it's accurate) will be used should an issue arise.

How do I become an Admin like you? :D

  • The Founder of this Wiki, and any Bureaucrats can assign Admin and Bureaucrat status to an account. At the moment, this Wiki is still relatively small, so we are not looking for more Admins. When this changes, we will not announce it, but rather look at the most active people on this Wiki, and how helpful they've been.

Will you feature clans on the Homepage?

  • We discussed this in length before this Wiki was founded. In the end, we agreed that no clan should ever be featured on the Homepage. This Wiki is partially based on equality to the clans that have pages here, and one clan should not receive advertising over another here simply for its accomplishments or how well it's written.

So....IP Address, how does this work exactly? I don't want to edit if my IP Address will be seen by the rest of the internet,

  • If you do not have a Wikia account, or are not logged into it, your IP Address will instead be shown when you make an account. If you are editing while you're logged into your Wikia account, your IP Address will never be displayed.

I don't trust you... Can you see my Wikia password, email address, IP Address, and use those to commit crimes against me?

  • Admins, including the Wiki Founder, will never see your password or email address. The only people who can view these are Wikia staff themselves, which we are not. Your IP Address will only be shown if you are not logged into the Wiki when you make an edit.

Did you send me an email!? You lied about what you said above!

  • If you're following a page, you will receive an automated email from Wikia when changes have been made to either that page or it's talk page. Additionally, you may receive an automated email from Wikia if someone has left you a message on your profile's Talk Page. While we may leave you messages on your Talk Page (Thus triggering the automated email), we do not actually see your email address.
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